Different Types of Swimming Pools

Several decades back, swimming pools came only in one form. Today, there are quite a few styles that you can choose from if you are planning to have one. Depending on your available space, budget, and convenience, there is always a pool for you.

Swimming pools are a great way to quench the heat of the sun during summer. Areas, where the sun is always burning, will benefit from a pool. Basically, there are only two types of swimming pools: above-ground and in-ground pools. Each can have their own different types. If you want to have a pool in your place, here are some different types of swimming pools you can check out.

Above-ground Swimming Pool

As the name suggests, this type of pool is installed above ground level. This type is on the affordable side of the spectrum. This type can also come in different colors and styles. Diameter can vary from 10 ft. To 30 ft. In diameter. It is also cheaper compared to an in-ground pool and won’t too much installation time as an in-ground one would. An above-ground pool will require a flat surface. There are two types of an above-ground pool:

1. Soft-sided Pool

Soft-sided pools are made from rubber or latex.

2. Hard-sided Pool

Hard-sided pools are constructed by the use of fiberglass and metals which can make them more expensive but more durable than soft-sided pools.

To make an above-ground pool more appealing, you can install a deck on the same level as the pool. You can also make it safer for the kids by installing a fence to the pool’s walls so they won’t fall over.

In-ground Swimming Pool

In-ground pools are the most expensive type of swimming pool. This type is basically the opposite of above-ground pool in terms of price, the method of installation, and requirements. These pools are below-ground level and require large space. You can choose the length, width, depth, style, shape, and so much more. Maintenance will be much more expensive as well. There are a few types of an in-ground swimming pool:

1. Concrete Swimming Pool

Concrete swimming pools can be placed just about anywhere and the designs are unlimited. The size, shape, and depth are yours to choose. Ceramic tiles, pebbles, vinyl lining, and colored quartz are among the many finishes you can choose. But concrete pools are tedious to install and will require a lot of time.

2. Fiberglass Composite Swimming Pool

Fiberglass composite pools are perfect if you live in an area that is hard to access. They are less susceptible to algae growth and bacterial attack.

3. Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool

This type of swimming pool is popular and not too expensive compared to the others. The vinyl here lines the edges of the pool and is cut to perfectly fit the size and shape of a pool. They will need to be replaced every 10 years.

Whichever your preference may be, there are some if not a lot of things to consider like if you have children. For pool fencing services, you may inquire at Glass Pool Fencing Perth.

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