Lawn Maintenance Tips You Should Know

1. Leveling Your Lawn

Lawn leveling can help remove any terrain dips which can cause pets or even people to trip and fall. Aside from that, if you level your lawn, you can be able to benefit from the improvement of the feel and look of your backyard. Below, we will give you a guide wherein you can easily follow in order to make sure that your lawn is leveled.

Step 1. Make Sure to Grab the Right Tools

First and foremost, the most important tool you’ll be needing is a square nosed shovel. With this gardening tool, you can be able to spread evenly the lawn mix. You’ll also need a solid bow rake or a straight garden rake in order to help with the entire leveling process of your lawn. Aside from that, you may also want to prepare 1 or 2 buckets. The buckets will be utilized for spreading the sand and compost mixture.

Step 2. Supply Gathering

You should make sure that you select an orange sand and not a river sand or playground sand when you’re shopping for lawn supplies. While the other two kinds of sand won’t harm your lawn, it’s still best to bear in mind that orange sand can actually contain nutritive value as well as much finer for your landscape or lawn area.

Step 3. Filling in the Holes

All the mixture that you’ll make will be utilized in filling uneven areas in your lawn. After you have filled in the holes, you’ll then use a rake to fully level it according to the lawn’s level. This will help even up the lower areas and it will also let your lawn continue to grow in an a more even direction. Make sure that the surface is even before you use a lawn mower.

Step 4. Let the Surface Settle and Cover Once Again

After finishing the filling process, you need to have it settled for a while. And, if you want to dampen it, you can also do it but you have to make sure that it’s not entirely wet. Right after waiting for several hours, you need to repeat the spreading as well as leveling process using a high quality topsoil. You also have to make sure that you let it evenly settle once more prior to raking and spreading the last layer of compost over your lawn’s uneven areas.

2. Maintaining Your Garden the Right Way

Your garden can be considered as a truly idea way to add more color and life to your property. However, it can also be much harder to maintain compared to your lawn. You must only try to have a garden at your property if you really have enough time which you can invest in maintaining and beautifying it. Otherwise, there’s a big possibility that you might end up with wilted plants and gloomy patch. This is exactly the reason why it’s highly advised that you consider hiring a professional for all your landscaping, garden, and tree maintenance needs to make sure that your entire property will be properly taken care of.